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Susanne Spahn

Susanne Spahn (PhD) is a political scientist, historian and journalist based in Berlin. Spahn completed her degree in East European history, Slavonic studies and political sciences in St. Petersburg and Cologne. In 2011 she received her doctor`s degree and published her thesis on the topic “State Independence – the End of the East Slavonic Unity? Russia’s Foreign Policy towards Ukraine and Belarus since 1991“. In 2010 and 2011 Spahn worked in Moscow with Dow Jones News, die Welt, Deutsche Welle, Zeit online, Magazin Außenwirtschaft etc. She conducts research on Russia`s foreign policy in the post-Soviet area and Russian information policy. The book “The Image of Ukraine in Germany: The Role of the Russian Mass Media. How Russia Influences the German Public Opinion“ was published in 2016, followed by the study „Russian media in Germany – independent journalism or political weapon?“ in 2018.

The University of Georgia